EDVANTAGE; ‘All About Time’ Laminated Poster 50x74cm

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Description:  ‘All About Time’ Laminated Poster 50x74cm

This All about Time poster is a must have for every classroom and child care centre. This time poster has a write on wipe off surface, making it possible to create any time of the day!

The poster displays the outline of an analogue clock and the outline of a digital clock. Practice with the conversion of analogue times to digital times and visa versa.

The poster comes with lots of additional information to help students with the basic terminology of times and eras. It shows how long a minute, hour, day, week, fortnight, year, leap year, decade, century and millennium is. Furthermore, it displays the position of the long hand of the clock when it is o’clock, a quarter past, half past and a quarter to.

All months of the year are displayed and a little rhyme will help students remember how many days there are in each month.

The illustrations on the poster assist children to relate a time of the day to their daily activities, from waking up and having breakfast to lunch and playtime and dinner and bed time at the end of the day.

Every child needs to learn the time! Whether analogue, digital or the written word – the write on/wipe off laminated surface encourages interaction and can be used time and time again!

The time poster measures 74 cm (H) x 50 cm (W).